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I have learnt how to be a confident athlete thanks to Mark Sutton; he supports me 100% and never doubts my potential. Mark has become a great coach and a mentor for me. Mark’s not only a great coach but he’s also a great person, I’m very lucky to have him in my life. Mark has built my confidents, skills and has created a great ski paddler out of me, not only me but also others, He teaches you that winning isn’t everything but also teaches you how to win, he will train your mind to believe you are the best and no one can beat you.

His words of wisdom aren’t created from sitting on the beach but it is created from life experiences. His coaching methods are hands on which develop more of an idea on how to paddle and to handle the surf. Mark teaches you to always believe in yourself because you have worked hard and he will make you work hard for it. If you set a goal he will help you achieve it. Throughout the years of being coached by mark I have achieved great results

Achievements and Awards

  • Completing many endurance races e.g. The Coolangatta gold ski leg in under an hour and twenty.
  • 3rd at state
  • 7th at Aussies
  • 2nd at the country titles
  • Gold in opens double ski
  • Winning multiple branch races
From a parent’s point of view, Mark Sutton has been Jayden’s coach for the last two surf sessions. The thing we admire the most about Mark is not only his ability to improve Jayden’s skills as an athlete but also to improve her skills as a developing young adult, having a someone on your side to look up to & admire whilst being taught these skills is very important , we could not ask for better.

Jase Morgan & Vikki Molloy,