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The first time that I met Mark, one of the first things he said to me was “you are going to be a great ski paddler, and I’m going to help you get there”.

He wasn’t wrong. When I started ski paddling I could barely sit in a ski without falling out but in just 2-3 months he had me not only sitting in the ski, but I was now well into focusing purely on my technique. After 4-5 months he decided that our group was ready to start the challenge of paddling through the surf.

He taught us the vital skills that we needed to negotiate the break. In no time he had us punching through and catching massive waves and making it all the way in, with the BIGGEST smiles on our faces. After many intense weeks of training we were at our first major carnival, NSW State Titles. This is where Mark’s training and guidance really stood out to us, and everyone on the beach.

He had three of his trainees come back home with a State Medal: Bronze won by Jaden Molly-Morgan, Silver won by Joanna Charles and a Gold for me. He then flogged us physically, in the water and mentally, on the land, until we got to our biggest carnival of the year, The Australian Titles. This is where his coaching yet again was proven to be the best with Joanna Charles placing 5th in the final and I placed third, coming home with a Bronze Medal in the U17 Male Ski Race.

Mark can and does offer an amazing style of coaching, that I can guarantee will “Bring Out The Paddler In You”.

Achievements and Awards

  • NSW State Titles: Gold
  • The Australian Titles: Bronze Medal in the U17 Male Ski Race.